Our Story

Welcome to our Shop! Here is a little something about us (: We are small business town owners here in the beautiful Northern Michigan Area. Our business is run by us Twos Sisters and Our Mother. Our Names Amy(sister) (Husband and 4 Children), Hailey(sister) (Husband and 2 Children, Ellen (Mother)(Husband,3 Children and 6 Grandchildren). We started this boutique because we have Children/Grandkids and wanted some fun cute options for clothing. Let alone some soft felt clothing that our kids will love! We are striving to make this boutiques something that all children and mothers can love! We have been opened for over a year now and ready to grow with our customers! You guys rock, thank you all for your support in our journey with our small business. Any questions feel free to email us. We would love to hear from you!


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